CPD Recognition for your Training

Ongoing professional development is vital in maintaining and improving the professionalism of nursing in Singapore. More and more national nursing boards are requiring nurses to participate in education and training for a minimum amount of hours per year. As we know, healthcare is a dynamic environment and a nurse’s knowledge needs to keep pace with these changes to ensure that patient care remains optimal.

As an international provider of quality education for nurses, The Skilled Nurse provides you, the nurse, with high standard educational courses which you can complete online at your convenience. The existing guidelines on accreditation of CPD providers in Singapore do not recognise international CPD providers, however nurses that participate in online learning may be able to make an individual claim for CPD, which is approved at the discretion the nursing board of Singapore. By having an understanding of the course outline (which we provide on the individual course pages) and a certificate of completion (provided at the end of every The Skilled Nurse course) you, the nurse, can have a clear record of your learning upon which you can reflect and make a claim for CPD, should you wish.

As a free gift to you, we’ve provided unlimited free downloads of our professional development diary. We recommend that you use this to record any training or reading you undertake, that you feel will improve the quality of your patient care.