Food Handling Course – $2.00

Food Handling Course – $2.00

Food Handling Program

Course Details

  • This course provides approximately 2 hours of nursing learning
  • Print or save your certificate upon completion
  • Study via computer, smartphone or tablet

Most health care, and residential care workers are involved in food handling, although many of us are not actually involved in the preparation. As we supply and supervise meals to the people in our care, and sometimes even feed them, it is important for all of us to know the basics. Then, we can help prevent, identify and treat complications that may arise from poor food handling practices, as often, our patients and clients are particularly vulnerable.

This course allows food handlers to be compliant with the legal requirements around food handling, related to health and hygiene, and is relevant to all levels of care staff.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define food handlers and their legal responsibilities
  • Describe ways food can become contaminated and potentially unsafe
  • Describe common causes, and signs and symptoms of food poisoning
  • Explain the maintenance of good personal hygiene
  • Handle food correctly at every stages of preparation
  • Explain the processes for food deliveries, storing, displaying and transporting food
  • Explain cleaning food preparation surfaces and equipment

This informative and enjoyable online course is suitable for nurses who want to refresh their knowledge in this area.

The existing guidelines on accreditation of CPD providers in do not recognise international CPD providers, however nurses that participate in online learning may be able to make an individual claim for CPD, which is approved at the discretion the nursing board of .

In order to claim international study as CPD a nurse should provide the following to the nursing board of :

  • the course outline (which we provide above) and
  • the certificate of completion (provided at the end of every The Skilled Nurse course)