Preventing Aggression & Violence in the Mental Health Context Course – $2.00

Preventing Aggression & Violence in the Mental Health Context Course – $2.00

Preventing Aggression and Violence Mental Health

Course Details

  • This course provides approximately 2 hours of nursing learning
  • Print or save your certificate upon completion
  • Study via computer, smartphone or tablet

In hospitals around the world, violence has become recognised as a significant problem. It’s been reported that up to 95 percent of nurses say they have experienced verbal and/or physical aggression from patients. A 2007 study by the Victorian Department of Human Services for that Mental Health and Emergency Departments were particularly high risk areas of aggression and violence in the workplace for health workers.

There is no doubt that the care of patients with mental health issues can be very challenging and raises specific issues in relation to occupational violence, adopting the principles and philosophy of a non-violent culture can substantially reduce the incidence of aggression.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the two types of aggression.
  • Recognise common causes and triggers of aggression.
  • Discuss clinician strategies for managing levels of aggression.
  • Describe the cycle of aggression.
  • Appreciate the role of past trauma in a client’s life in preventing aggression.
  • Discuss Evidence Based Practice recommendations related to the use of seclusion and restraint in management of aggression.
  • Describe the appropriate reporting and documentation processes involving potential and actual aggressive situations.

This informative and enjoyable online course is suitable for nurses who want to refresh their knowledge in this area.

The existing guidelines on accreditation of CPD providers in Singapore do not recognise international CPD providers, however nurses that participate in online learning may be able to make an individual claim for CPD, which is approved at the discretion the nursing board of Singapore.

In order to claim international study as CPD a nurse should provide the following to the nursing board of Singapore:

  • the course outline (which we provide above) and
  • the certificate of completion (provided at the end of every The Skilled Nurse course)