Sexuality and the Older Person – $2.00

Sexuality and the Older Person – $2.00

Sexuality and The Older Person

Course Details

  • This course provides approximately 2 hours of nursing learning
  • Print or save your certificate upon completion
  • Study via computer, smartphone or tablet

Sexuality is an important part of life; wherever we live and whatever age we may be. Our lifestyle and choices, sexual attitudes and beliefs, are just as important to the older person or the person with disabilities as they are to the rest of the population.

Our course has been designed to equip nurses with the skills and mindset to meet the needs of older patients to express their sexuality. We also teach you how to effectively respond to changing societal expectation. This course considers the importance of sexuality across the lifespan with a particular focus on understanding sexuality in the older person.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Encourage healthcare workers to reflect on their own attitudes and those of colleagues towards sexuality in the aged.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of sexual expression to enhance an older person’s health and sense of wellbeing.
  • Promote discussion about an older person’s sexuality as a routine part of life.
  • Promote staff awareness and recognition of coercive or unsafe sexual behaviour.
  • Present a model of what constitutes best practice in managing sexuality in an aged care or residential care setting.

This informative and enjoyable online course is suitable for nurses who want to refresh their knowledge in this area.

The existing guidelines on accreditation of CPD providers in Singapore do not recognise international CPD providers, however nurses that participate in online learning may be able to make an individual claim for CPD, which is approved at the discretion the nursing board of Singapore.

In order to claim international study as CPD a nurse should provide the following to the nursing board of Singapore:

  • the course outline (which we provide above) and
  • the certificate of completion (provided at the end of every The Skilled Nurse course)